Who Are We?

Wood River Mennonite Church – Who Are We?

Mennonites are a Christian faith group that began in the 16th century. Menno Simons was an early prominent leader and eventually the group became known as “Mennonites” because of his name. Currently there are over one million members world-wide. Mennonite beliefs and practices vary widely, but following Jesus in daily life is a central value, along with peacemaking. Wood River Mennonite Church is a member of Central Plains Mennonite Conference and Mennonite Church USA. For a brief summary of Mennonite beliefs, please click here: http://www.thirdway.com/menno/?Topic=23_Basic+Beliefs

Originally, Mennonites came to Hall County in the early 1900’s from Milford, NE. They were looking for cheaper land to farm. In 1906 they organized the first Mennonite Sunday School in a local Quaker Meetinghouse. By 1909 the congregation had outgrown the Meetinghouse, and they erected their own church. God has been faithful to WRMC for over 100 years, and we look forward to the next 100 years of God’s faithfulness.

We are not perfect. In fact, don’t expect perfection if you happen to visit us. We have experienced broken relationships in our lives and in our church. We have experienced hurt, illness, and pain. Yet we trust that these events do not define us. As Christians, we look to the empty tomb for hope, and we find that these hurts do not get the last word. Instead, we are reminded that the final word is life, that Jesus rose from the dead, and that the sure promise of God sustains us. The tomb is empty, and God is more powerful than death.

On Sunday morning, you are likely to see men and women of all ages participate in the worship service. They may be preaching or teaching, leading worship, leading hymns or singing praise and worship, having a Children’s Time, or playing piano. If you want to visit, don’t spend too much time worrying about what to wear. Some of us wear suits, and others wear jeans and flip flops.  You are welcome no matter what you are wearing!

We are members of Central Plains Mennonite Conference, a member conference of Mennonite Church USA.