Mision Reino de Dios

One of our outreach ministries at Wood River Mennonite Church is a partnership with Martin and Elsy Gonzalez of Columbia. Here is a description of their work:

“For more than five years, Mision Reino de Dios (Kingdom of God Mission) has focused its mission work on the most vulnerable populations in Colombia and more recently also in our neighboring countries of Peru and Brazil. We work in marginalized communities, indigenous populations, and in isolated rural areas where there is little or no evangelism, aid, or development assistance.

During these years, we have worked with communities of impoverished people displaced from their homes by violence or economic crisis, with indigenous communities deep in the Amazon Jungle, and now in the tri-border region of Brazil, Peru and Colombia along the Amazon River.

We work in five areas: (1) Evangelism and Discipleship, (2) Health & Hygiene, (3) Improving Nutrition, (4) Sustainable Development, and (5) Respecting God/Creation. Everything we do is by the grace of God as we remember the commandment of our Lord Jesus to be salt and light in the world. (Mathew 5:13-14).

Mision Reino, a ministry of Pastor Martin and Elsy Gonzalez, combines evangelism with concrete activities like health education, food aid, and community development to reach as many isolated communities as possible to share both the Gospel and the love of the Kingdom of God.”


If you would like to donate to this important ministry, here is the link!